Afro Girl-Braids-Fuel Decal
Designs by N.Tray

Afro Girl-Braids-Fuel Decal

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This decal is made for an outside gas cap on your vehicle but can be placed on the back window of your vehicle, mirror, or laptop. Measure first to make sure it will fit on your item.

Material: high-quality permanent vinyl/sticker
Finish: Matte/Glossy, water-resistant, and UV-resistant.

Size is based on Width:
Width 3 Length 2.4
Width 4 Length 3.2
Width 5 Length 4.0
Width 6 Length 4.8

Included in the package:
*Vinyl Applicator card
*Alcohol prep pad

.*The seller is not responsible for any damage made by the buyer when placing the decal.
*Colors may appear slightly different than shown due to the variations of settings on different electronic devices. More colors may be available.

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